Monday, 27 July 2009

TGO Challenge podcast parts 10,11,12 & 13

The Rab TGO Challenge - Part 13

And so on our final day, our journey draws to a close. The weather of the last few days has eliminated the normal joy we would feel and you can hear our tired voices grateful to finally get down to the beach and dip our toes. Of course Shirley's navigation takes her to finish in a unique place which sounds equally reflective and peaceful, and she concludes her journey in the company of John Hesp. Andy manages to talk to Colin Ibbotson to one side and discuss the finer points of lightweight backpacking and how much of a difference it can make on something like the TGOC.

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The Rab TGO Challenge - Part 12

Rose, I and Shirley continue our various ways to Northwater Bridge Campsite and enjoy probably the best night of the two week trip, sitting in the sunshine with 50 or more Challengers sharing laughs, memories and magic moments which have gone to make up this years event. Here I'm pleased to meet once again Shaun Grund to see if the TGOC has lived up to expectations. Andy on the other hand can be found in the bar in Montrose chatting with Jon Hancock and Rob Hausam. Shirley as friendly as ever, makes a new acquaintance!

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The Rab TGO Challenge 2009 - Part 11

Food is always important on the Challenge as, on leaving Tarfside we all visit The Retreat for a slap up breakfast. While on the road to Edzell Shirley interviews John Hesp, David Albon, Sue Oxley and Ali Ogden and I chat to the famous 'Bothy Boys' Lee Wells and Tony Bowe about their trip, the pubs they visited and their thoughts on outdoor bloggers, or one in particular! Talking of which, Andy and Kate who are a day ahead of us chat with Mick and Gayle who compare the Challenge to their LEJOG and other long distance walks. And of course there's a certain amount of gear chat too!

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The Rab TGO Challenge - Part 10

With the journey coming close to the end, Andy and Kate decide to press onwards to Northwater Bridge Campsite to enjoy another day in the rain. Shirley on the other hand, puts all her navigation skills to the test and records her experience and trials of actually getting to Tarfside. We are already there of course, keeping dry and lazing in the tent reviewing gear such as the Golite Pinnacle and Lightspeed rucksacks, the NeoAir, the Montane Venture and Superfly Jackets and trousers, Inov8s, Crocs, Primus Windshield and Pot Cosy plus more. In between times I also chat to fellow Challengers, Alistair Hunt and Darren Christie.

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Thursday, 23 July 2009

TGO Challenge podcast parts 7,8 & 9

It's been a bit of a week, so I have missed the updates to the TGO Challenge podcasts.

So here are parts 7,8 & 9

The Rab TGO Challenge 2009 - Part 7

Shirley still keen to hear if the ghosts have disturbed those in the bothy, is up early interviewing people still in their sleeping bags, while outside it continues to pour with rain. As it her last day, Beth gives us her thoughts on the event and a mini gear review. The weather makes us all change plans and head into Braemar a day early, to find a place to rest and dry out. We head for the SYHA where I meet the managers Alistair and Sarah Hubbard and discuss the impact the Challenge makes on the town. I also get chance to sit down over a cup of tea with Alan MacDonald, Brian Martin and Mike Gillespie to see where their journey has taken them so far.

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The Rab TGO Challenge - Part 8

We all finally leave that wild flesh pot known as Braemar and head in different directions to clear our heads and enjoy probably the last wild camp of the trip. Individually we share our thoughts about the warm welcome and great entertainment at The Moorlands Hotel, which was second to none. All Challengers enjoyed chatting with locals and listening to live music until late in the night, a great atmosphere. I'm sure this Hotel will form the base for future meetings in this village, as the Fife Arms unfortunately still gives off a very dismissive air towards Challengers, which has sadly got much, much worse over the years.

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The Rab TGO Challenge - Part 9

The day starts calm enough, however the gloomy menacing clouds become darker still as the weather takes a turn for the worst giving Andy and Kate a reason to get to Tarfside very early. We head up out of Glen Colva into the storm with zero visibility for a long day with serious navigation issues and lots of pacing. Shirley and Colin are forced to take their FWA and not climb Mount Keen as planned. However in the middle of it all she does have chance to give us all a quick gear review regarding the Osprey Exos, the NeoAir and Glamaig jacket from Cioch Clothing

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Sunday, 19 July 2009

TGO Challenge podcast part 6

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Shirley awakes thrilled to still be the new owner of an Osprey Exos so expect a full review later in the series, while we bask in the early morning sunshine at Glen Feshie. Andy and Kate enjoy a good night at Coylumbridge Campsite before heading over the Lairig Ghru to Derry Lodge. High winds force us all to make changes that day and fall back on our FWA. Andy gives listeners a good overview of what to expect in the Lairig Ghru and Shirley finally starts her paranormal camping, getting up in the middle of the night searching the landscape for ghosts.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

TGO challenge podcast part 5

Challenge 2009 - Part 5

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And talking of listening to audio; the whole of the Apollo 11 mission from pre-launch to splashdown, can be listened to in real time, online at Apollo 11 radiocast

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

TGO Challenge Journals 2009

TGO challenge journals are appearing on the internet along with Podcast Bob's 2009 podcasts.

Here is a list of the one's I have found so far:-

Andy Howell's Journal

Gordon Green

Steve Smith

Preerunner's 2009 TGO diary

The first three podcasts from Bob, Andy and Peewiglet are now available. These can either be listened to here or downloaded

TGO Challenge 2009 - Part 1

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Challenge 2009 - Part 2

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Challenge 2009 - Part 3

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We choose the Moon

On the 20th July 1969 NASA put a man on the moon; to mark the 40th anniversary the John F Kennedy Library has teamed up with NASA to recreate the mission on the Net.

The website is at and is showing just over 49 hours until launch (July 16th) and will then have archive audio and video from the mission over 11 stages.

There is also a mission widget you can either download for your desktop or add to your facebook account.