Disclosure Policy

This is a personal blog written by me. For questions about this blog, please use the contact page.

• Occasionally I will review products on this blog, sometimes these products are given to me to review, other times I have simply asked for a free product to review so in the end… I would get a free product!
I also buy products, try them out and review them, I always try to give an open and honest review.

• Sometimes I will link to a product through an affiliate link.  I will get paid a commission if you buy products through my affiliate links.

• I also link to other sites and pages that I am NOT compensated for. I do this because I like to link to places that provide great content and information.

• Occasionally, I’ll have guest bloggers post on my blog, and their opinions do not represent what my opinions are and I am not responsible for those opinions, nor will I edit or police them. Sometimes I will received a commission for these posts, other times not.


Occasionally I may edit, or delete comments; especially any comments containing insulting profanity or others that I deem to be causing or likely to cause trouble.

I will also delete comments from online companies who are just posting to add links/adverts back to their companies website, If companies want to advertise via this blog they can contact me through the contacts page.

Right, I think that covers most things.

This policy is valid from December 28th 2011