Sunday, 28 July 2013

Photowalk (Docklands)

Yesterday I did another Photowalk; this time it was a check out a route for a possibly walk around Docklands in London. As I didn't really know where the route would go I wanted a way of mapped it as I walked and this is where Social Hiking and Viewranger came to the rescue. I can't say I fully understand how it works but viewranger sends beacons from your smartphone which are picked up by social hiking and then add the beacons to a map. Social hiking can also add tweets and photographs to the map, I was more interested in getting the photographs on the map so, I could see the places of interest that I passed.

Below is the map that was created on social hiking.

The beacon's are sent at roughly 5 minute intervals, so in a couple of places it look like I have walked across water but this is probably because I have moved around the body of water quicker than the beacons were sent. The map was updating live all the time but with out the photographs being added as I was taking these on a proper camera and not a phone, (if the photographs were taken on the same phone as the beacons are sent form they would appear live too). When I got home and updated the photographs to Flickr the social hiking software was able to see them and then add them to the map.
 Hand drawn Google map of the route

View Docklands Walk in a larger map

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Photo Walk

Lazy Saturday

Mini Cam(bridge)

View Cambridge Walk in a larger map