Monday, 16 April 2012

Losing respect for people

First off this isn't anything to do with the outdoors but it is to do with blogging.

Like most people I have a fair few interests, I follow a few celebrities who I find interesting and occasionally I will post comments on some of their posts.

Yesterday I was reading one of these celebrities blogs and saw a couple of points I knew to be incorrect about some facts and figures they have posted (I knew them to be wrong because I'd read an article on the subject a week or so ago).

Not trying to be a smart arse, I thought I'd comment and correct the figures and also add a link to the article I had seen.

Usually when there is a notify me by email I click it so as to keep up with the post. I did have a couple of notifications come through but also noticed that my post didn't, so going back to the blog, I then noticed that the part I had seen as being wrong had been corrected but also that my comment post wasn't showing.

Now I don't know if it was my comments that was the reason for the correction but it does seem a coincident that it was changed after I commented and the comment not being shown.

I'm not looking for any kudos for correcting someone but it would of been nice for my comment to have been posted along with the re-write in the post.

We all post article that sometimes we will then see has a spelling mistake and will go back in to correct, and I don't have a problem with this but when you are quoting facts and figures and make a mistake you should hold your hands and say "sorry I made a mistake there, these are the correct stats not just change it, because someone will either have already corrected you or seen the offending part.

It seems most 'normal' bloggers get a hard time about being open when posting reviews, so to change any type of facts/figures without adding an addendum is just asking for trouble.

Now celebrities may get away with this but my personal opinion is that I lose a little respect for people when they do this.