Sunday, 31 May 2009

Mapping Games

After a tip off from BG about umapper having some new features on their site; I popped over to have a look.

The one I found most interesting was the GeoDart Game; this allow the user to place a series of points on the map and create a geographical game.

So far I have created two GeoDart games; both based on Football and one of them has been featured on the umapper blog.

I am working on a couple more that are more walking related.

Here are the two GeoDart Games.

To play it's best to open the map out to full screen by clicking the box in the top right corner.

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Video & Photographs

There are also some photographs over on Flickr

Thursday, 28 May 2009


I really need to find a couple of decent waterproof cases for my cameras, as the ones I'm using now are letting in water.

Tidy up

Most of the gear is now out on the line; drying in the warmish sunshine we are having in London.

In hindsight; I don't think I realised how bad the conditions were, although raining it wasn't that bad but the wind was constantly driving it in to us and although I'm not usual good walking in the rain was happy to keep walking.

It wasn't until we got into the open along the coast at Old Harry rocks that the wind was really felt, and walking into the head wind was a challenge, so I understand why Bex had, had enough.

From this..

To this

I suppose this is one of the problems of having the arrange thing so far in advance and only having School holidays to do them in.

I also had a bit of a shock; it must be over 10 years since I shared a tent with anyone, and this really threw me. Whenever I've used the Nallo in the past, I've found plenty of room to store gear, move around and forgot how different it is with two and especially a 11 year old who at times can seem to have St Vitus dance.

Part of this problem was that she was bored once we were camped. I tried to make this as late as possible (around 5 o'clock) but this didn't help.

The walking wasn't a problem at all; as she walked about 4 miles on the first afternoon and in the few hours the next day cover nearly 6.5 miles and there wasn't any complains about carrying the rucsac.

I not sure what the next move will be, but I'll wait and see if she asks again about going backpacking with me.

As for me; I want to try out a night bivvying somewhere but it will definitely need to have good weather for that.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Purbeck 2.3

Not happy

Purbeck 2.2

Decided to bale. Weather not looking better for this afternoon. Not much for a soaking wet 11 year girl. Looked to go to campsite nearer to swanage but near to tears (bex not me). Not sure shes ready for this just yet, although if weather was better, as she enjoyed yesterday.

Purbeck 2.1

Been no let up in rain, so bus into swanage. Now sitting in cafe drying out & deciding next move. Bex's boot have leaked & she isn't enjoying it. It's big contrast to yesterday.

Purbeck 2.0

A good nights sleep but woke to rain.
Set off at 8 o clock with light drizzle but was soon heavy and strong winds by time we got to studland and old harry rocks it was pretty nasty so turned back.

Wednesday's planned route

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Purbeck 1.2

A nice walk from corfe along brenscombe hill great views down into poole harbour & studland. Now camped at burnbake, quite a few tents here mainly families so may end up being noisy.

Purbeck 1.1

Train down was fine.
Arrived to warm sunshine & blue skies. Slight change of plan was to get bus to corfe castle & start walk from there. Bus fares down here are expensive £5 for 1 adult & a child.

Purbeck 1.0

It hasn't stopped raining all night in London, and is still raining now.

Hope the weather is better in Dorset.

Tuesday's planned route

Monday, 25 May 2009

All packed

I'm all packed and really to go, pack weighs in at 11kg which isn't bad considering I`m carrying 2x2 days food and a 2 person tent.

The tent is the Hilleberg Nallo2; which actual weighs the same as my TN solar, I do have the older style one, not the one with the sloping back,which I find better.

Bex's pack weighs in at 6 kg which feels lighter than her bag for school each day, so hopefully there won't be any problems carrying it.

I'm going to joining the throng of people trying out mobile blogging on this trip, I know there are a few big transmitters in and around Swanage so getting a signal shouldn't be a problem.