Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Purbeck 2.2

Decided to bale. Weather not looking better for this afternoon. Not much for a soaking wet 11 year girl. Looked to go to campsite nearer to swanage but near to tears (bex not me). Not sure shes ready for this just yet, although if weather was better, as she enjoyed yesterday.


  1. Sorry to hear that George: Give Bex a big cuddle and say "well done" for getting as far as she did. Take her out on a nicer weekend next time fella!

  2. Hope I didn't hex the whole affair with the good weather forecast

    Never mind - as a taster it was good enough I hope

  3. @Alan thanks I think it was a shock to her that it can rain on these trips.

    @John I knew the weather was going to be a bit wet but I think it was the wind as well that caused most of the problem.

  4. Weather seems a bit changeable at the moment. The walk is still there for you at a later date. Age has nowt to do with it, as my mate Mike dropped out of the overnighter when we'd be meeting Darren. And then there was my not-the-Yukon trek.