Thursday 6 March 2014

Rotherhithe Ramble

Another day, another urban walk.

This time a local one, around Rotherhithe and the Surrey Docks (or Surrey Quays as its now known)

Most of the route following the Thames Path, and has a lot of historical interest in the area, from the place where the Mayflower first set sail from to the first tunnel known to have been constructed successfully underneath a navigable river.

Although this side of the docks has been re-developed, it is mainly with housing and not the towering buildings of Canary Wharf and this helps to show how big the docks really were.

Rotherhithe Ramble
Greenland Dock
Tide Gauge House
Canary Wharf
Lavender Pumphouse
Rotherhithe Tunnel Shaft No.2
Brunel Museum
Hope (Sufferance) Wharf
St. Mary's Church
Thames and City of London

Tuesday 25 February 2014

Hampstead Heath

On Monday and the weather looking good, I decided to recce out a new photowalk.

Using the 'new' London Overground I managed to get from South London to Hampstead in just over an hour, if I had of made better connections I think I could of done it in less time.

The Map shows the route I walked over the Heath, I know it looks messy but that is because I was looking for places of interest, which there are plenty and probably mean that 2 walks could be done in this area.

I need to refine the route and work it down to a reasonable size.

Saturday 8 February 2014

Go Outdoors Blog Awards 2014

Go Outdoors have launched a new walking blog award, there is a shortlist of fifteen blogs and I have been luck to be one of the fifteen.

Its a great honour to be on a list of blogs that include Chris Townsend, Keith Foskett, David Lintern and Alan Sloman.

 All these write and promote that outdoors much better that me. The winner will be decided via a poll on the Go Outdoors website, I encourage everybody to pop across and vote. If you choose to vote for me, then a BIG thank you but if not then vote for one of the BIG little guys.

Cigar Box Guitars

Builds no. 1 & 2
The Heisenberg & Color Bearer