Monday, 29 January 2007

Cost & Test

The last entry according the stats was 685 characters long (if it all arrived) was 2668 bytes & only cost 2p on my virgin PAYG. Not sure if they are going by SMS or WAP. Normal SMS cost 3p.

It all starts with planning

It seems as everyone is either in the planning stage of a walk, or already completed it. We have Alan with his LEJOG walk, not forgetting he will be doing two crossings of Scotland; one for the TGOC and one to get back on the West coast to continue the LEJOG. Darren, Andy & Pod Bob are preparing for thier TGOC, & I think AktoMan is looking at Wainwright's C2C. Back in September I looked at three possible walks for this year; TGOC, C2C or the Dales Way. I think it was a bit fanciful of me to do the TGOC or the C2C. So its the Dales Way; 80 miles, Ilkley to Bowness and should fit in a week. Not as big as the others but still needs planning. 685

Sunday, 28 January 2007

Gadgets & Gizmos II

Next up is a piece of Software.

After seeing AktoMan's mobile blogging from his West Highland Way walk, I though I like to do this when on my walks.

For some reason I could not get the email-to-blogger set-up, the SMS messages would be sent but never arrive at the blog. In the end I gave up as I seemed to be getting nowhere.

In the past week, I`ve started looking again but this time through SMS gateways but after quite a few attempts with different gateways which didn't work or left a lot of advertising on the message, I was finally about to give up completely until I found Mobile Blogger.

Mobile Blogger is a small Java program that is downloaded to your mobile phone and allows you to send messages to your blog (Yay!!!)

I`ve sent a couple of test messages which have appeared, and I also sent the first part of the 'handyseal' post this way.

I`ll contiune to post messages this way and also see how big a message I can post, plus how much it's costing.

Gadgets & Gizmos I

I've found a handy little gadget called a 'handyseal'. It seals plastic bags and helps to keep food fresh, although not up to a vaccum sealer its still pretty good.

It looks like a stapler and needs 2xAA batteries to run it, the black cover is folded down and the bag is placed in the gap then pressure is applied and the sealer is dragged along the bag to make the seal.

The company`s website is and has a video showing how it works.

It can be bought in Woolworths for £4.99