Sunday, 30 April 2006

London Loop

The London Loop is a circular walk (in 24 sections) in and around the suburbs of London.

The offical start is at Erith in South London.

The first section is 8.3 miles (13 km) long and goes from Erith to Old Bexley via Erith riverside; Queen Elizabeth 2 Bridge; Darent raised dam; Crayford Marshes; Crayford; Churchfield Wood; Hall Place, Old Bexley village.

The start is along the River Thames and through the industrial heart of Erith, as this is an urban walk some parts are quite depressing.

On one side of the path is the Thames on the other is wrecker's yards.

It's amazing that there can be wonderful scenic views directly oppostion.

More pictures from the 1st section of the London Loop can be seen at