Tuesday, 29 August 2006

Packs Part 2

Yesterday I posted about 4 lightweight packs that I own.

Here is a short video showing 3 of the 4; namely the G4,GoLite Trek and the Sixmoondesigns Comet.

I didn't realise how difficult to was to make a video blog, what with aeroplanes going over and cars driving by.

I had to re-record the audio for the first part but hopefully it is all audible and makes sense.

Monday, 28 August 2006

Going Light (packs)

Ever since 2001, after carrying 30/35 lb on the West Highland Way. I have been trying to reduce my pack weight.

On that trip the heavest items were a Karrimor Cougar pack which weighed 6 lb, a Hilleberg Nallo2 tent 4 1/2 lb, a Coleman sleeping bag 3 lb and a sleeping mat 1lb.

All this added up to 14 1/2 lb before cooking equipment, extra clothes, food & water.

Although I managed to carry all this, at the end of each day I was totally knackered!

After this trip I decided that if I wished to contiune backpacking I would need to lost a lot of weight from my pack.

Around this time; GoLite were starting to be seen in the U.K. So I bought a GoLite Gust pack. This pack weighed in at 1 1/4 lb, a big saving of 4 3/4 lb on the Cougar!!

Although it was a big weight saving it did have a few drawbacks, like only one small pocke on the front and no top lid pocket. My thoughts on the Gust can be read on BGT

About 3 months later, I got the chance to test the GoLite Trek pack.

This was more like a traditional pack with a top lid pocket and pockets on the front a sides. Again more on my thoughts on the Trek are at BGT

After testing the Trek, a friend offered to make me a G4. The G4 weighs around 1.1 lb. This pack is quite similar to the trek but lacks the top lid pocket and is about half the weight.

With this being homemade and lighter materials than the Gust and Trek a little more care is needed with it. The G4 can carry weights up to about 25 lb.

The final pack that I have used over the last 5 years, is the sixmoondesigns Comet pack. This was another pack that I was luck to test with BackpackGearTest and the reports can be read Here

Each of these packs have their own pro & cons. The lightest is the G4 at 1.1lb, the heavest the GoLite Trek at 2lb 4 oz.

I`ve found the G4 to be the best pack for Summer use, and the Trek for extended Winter use. I haven't used the Gust in the past 4 years because the other packs are superior IMO.

Although my report on the Comet did have some issues with the build, I have managed to resolve these and now believe that at present this is my favourite pack.

It can carry the heavier weights when needed, and unlike the Gust and Trek it has proper hipbelts.

Saturday, 12 August 2006

New video podcasts

Bob, over at backpackinglight.co.uk has started Video podcasts.

The Vidcasts can be found by copying and pasting


into iTunes>advanced>subscribe to podcast.

The first two at up already and are about the Gregory Z and G packs.

It also seems as though the Audio feed for The Outdoors Channel.co.uk has changed too.

This can be found at http://toc.hipcast.com/rss/audio.xml