Monday, 24 December 2007

Merry Christmas

AktoMan has kindly made a imagemap for my Lego Advent Calendar over on Youtube.

So here's your chance to see the whole thing.

A big thanks to Duncan for putting this together.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to anyone who is still reading.

Monday, 17 December 2007

Podzine and outdoors bloggers

This week's podzine is up at the Outdoors Station. Santa Bob describes this week's show as thus:

This week we chat with the on-line enthusiasts who are keeping a log of their activities and share their passion for their hobby for us all to enjoy. We catch up with Judy Armstrong on her return from her 4000 mile Via Alpina trip and meet some popular outdoor bloggers to find out why they do, what they do! Plus of course we announce the competition winner for the Lightwave rucksack and launch another exciting prize!

The Podzine 17/12/07

Download MP3 File

Of particular interest to me is a interview I did with Andy Howell; about the blogging scene.

This interview was done awhile back so I had forget most I what I was asked and answered.

John Hee also appears in this show; and more bloggers will appear in later Podzines.

Monday, 10 December 2007

UK Outdoor Bloggers Christmas Pantomine

This may well be a first for the UK outdoor on-line community.

So please be generous with your applause (and boos) as we welcome you to enjoy a walk with the 2007 UK Outdoor Bloggers Christmas Pantomine.

Or is it all enjoyment?

Follow a mutiple track route to try to get to the bloggers party on time.....or will all the refreshments have gone by the time you arrive?


It had rained during the night but upon waking you notice that it has stopped and there is that fresh feeling you get after a storm in the air.

Opening your tent; you see that the sun is just starting to peer over the distance mountains and the light is glistening on the little tarn in front of your tent.

A week earlier you had received the invite to the bloggers party; which had brought you to this place on this morning.

Eager to be on your way you pack away quickly and start off down to the village, whose lights you had seen the previous night.

Once in the village, you spy a cafe serving breakfast. You decide that it would be best to grab a bite to eat now; as there is nowhere between here and where the party is being held.

Over breakfast you study the map for today's route; everything looks fairly straightforward, although there is a very steep climb for the 1st hour but wait on closer inspection you see a different path that you had not noticed before.

This route looks slightly longer and further east than the original one. There seems to be some interesting copses and other features along this route on the map.

Paying for your breakfast you shoulder your pack and make your way out of the village. The path goes up between two limestone walls and gradually starts to climb up to a little copse.

At the copse; the path splits, the original route going to the left and the new route to the right.