Tuesday, 10 March 2009


The faux fur swatches I ordered; turned up today.

I have eight pieces and each one is about 2x3in in size, so there is plenty on each one to use to cover the mic.

Some of the swatches have longer fibers than other and thicker backing. I will have to spend some time working out with one will work the best, just hope it stays windy.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Bad Wind

After Saturday's problems with the wind across the microphone on the Zi6, I have spent some time looking for ways to block out the wind but still allow the mic to pick up sounds and my voice.

The microphone isn't that big but picks up a lot of noise.

Position of microphone

After a bit of a hunt around the internet; I found a company that sells faux fur throws and will send out swatches of the different types they do, so I ordered half a dozen different one's to see which will work best.

Hopefully these swatches will arrive soon and I can start testing them out.

The biggest worry is how to attach them to the camera; I have seen some ideas where the fur is attached using sticky Velcro but I don't fancy sticking Velcro to the camera, so will have to find an alternative.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

I finally go for a walk

Yesterday I finally put the effort in to going for a walk. Although being a bit of a lazy g*t, I didn't actually start out until 12 noon.

I decided to do part of the Saxon Shore Way, which starts at Gravesend; the main reason for this was because of the two forts that are on this piece of the Thames.

I also wanted to try out my new HD camera; the Kodak Zi6. The camera look to video pretty well, but there was a lot of wind along the Thames and the microphone seems to pick a lot of it up. I'll need to look into some way of stopping this happening.

The Two forts along here are Shornemead fort and Cliffe fort.

In the video I mention the Hans Egede and the Brennan Torpedo.

The naughty nuns and nightingales is a circular walk arranged by the RSPB and is in connection with this:-

As well as taking in some traditional sites where nightingales sing in Spring, the walk also passes through the tiny village of Higham. 500 years ago it was rocked by a scandal when the local vicar lead several nuns astray, leading to the closure of the convent at the nearby hamlet of Church Street.

Part One

Part Two