Saturday, 6 May 2006

Gadgets on the trail

The two main gadgets I take when walking are my camera and mp3 player.

The camera is a Canon A40 which although a bit heavier than the newer point and shot cameras; is a great little camera. It takes 4 AA batteries which seem to last for ages.

The only problem with these cameras are that they don't take a filter straight to the lens, which means that I have to have an adaptor on the camera and this then makes it a bit bulky.

All the pictures on the blog and photo gallery are taken with the A40.

I like to be able to listen to music when I`m in camp and for this I use an Iriver iFP790. This player is only 256mb but does have a FM radio built-in and I can normally get 6 hours or so of music on it. The Player takes 1 AA and the bettery life is pretty good too.

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