Tuesday, 29 August 2006

Packs Part 2

Yesterday I posted about 4 lightweight packs that I own.

Here is a short video showing 3 of the 4; namely the G4,GoLite Trek and the Sixmoondesigns Comet.

I didn't realise how difficult to was to make a video blog, what with aeroplanes going over and cars driving by.

I had to re-record the audio for the first part but hopefully it is all audible and makes sense.


  1. George - can't seem to ge the video working
    Want to post it as a link as well?

  2. Not sure if it blogger playing up or not. I added a link to youtube.


  3. cheers George - all works ok now

    I see what you mean - difficult to do a vidcast unless you've got someone to pan in/out on key features, but thanks for the vid - as I'm surfing for a replacement pack at present the info was useful