Tuesday, 26 September 2006

Funny Year

Its been a funny year for backpacking. I`ve only managed one trip so far this year and as we're at the end of September, I don't see to much chance of more this year.

Although I am getting my gear together for a last trip of the year. Four days in Dorset :).

Hopefully the weather will stay reasonable good. This trip also gives me a chance to meet up with the some members from the Backpackers Club, who are having a weekend meet at Tom's Field near Swanage.

Sorting out the equipment

Look out for 'Two go hiking in Dorset'


  1. George -want to drop me a note on where/when? I'm local and may be able to pop in and see Hi, even if its just a pint one evening?

  2. Sorry I didn't get back to you John, I`ve been away since Wednesday.

    We only meet with the Backpacker Club on Friday as we were doing out own thing for the rest of the time.

    Maybe we can meet up next time.


  3. no problem george - just drop me a wink

  4. no problem george - just drop me a wink