Monday, 14 May 2007

One Day to Go!

I`m sitting typing this; when really I should be packing for tommorrow.

Actually most of the packing is done, it's just the tinkering that needs finishing off.

As usual I`m having a hard time deciding that to take in the way of clothes, the weather is miserable at the moment in London and doesn't look much better around Leeds and up to Windermere.

At present I`ve a t-shirt, Montane windshirt, microfleece, a light gilet, and a waterproof jacket; I`m pretty sure that is will be more than enough as it looks to be more wet than cold for the next 10 days or so.

The pack weight at present is 8kg (17lb) but I expect that to rise by 2-3 kg with food and cameras still to go in.

One area that has given me a problem is maps; I printed out the route on to 5 A4 sheets of paper, at 1:50000 but they all seem tiny. I could of printed them at a larger scale but it would mean more paper to carry and possibly lose, so instead I`m going with the Harveys Dales Way map.

Oh well; back to the packing.

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