Sunday, 3 June 2007

Random doddles

Well; I`ve been back over a week and the memories of doing the walk are fading fast.

I have the video's and the photographs but I`m already starting to forget about some aspects of the walk. I was looking at the guide book I used to help work out distances and were campsites would be, and there are parts of it I think did we walk through the part? Obviously we did it's just that I`m stuggling to remember some parts.

Maybe it's CJD or maybe it's just a natural thing that happens.

The blisters still haven't healed properly; there still are two holes in my feet.

One reaction that I didn't notice until SWMBO pointed it out; was that both my feet had swollen, this may explain why I had problems walking on the last day. I thought it was the blisters.

I`m already in the process of look for the next walk; candidates are: The West Highland Way, The Cumbria Way, The Furness Way, or The Westmoreland Way.


Andy Howell has already posted some reprots for this years TGOC and I`m sure that there is more to come in the way of podcasts from him and Podcast Bob; but if you are after something in the meantime, Martin Banfield has a blog of his crossing.


Yesterday I went to Rochester in Kent for the annual Dickens festival. Rochester has a long history with Dickens. The whole city is turned over to the characters of Dickens books.

I took some video of the parade through the town centre.

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  1. It is amazing how quickly the memories fade :-)

    I'm still writing my diary of the 2007 Challenge. Probably ready in a week.