Saturday, 21 July 2007

Post Office Woes

The postman tried to deliver a parcel on Thursday but no-one was home. So I went to pick it up this morning but guess what it hasn't been returned to the depot.

Me : So after two days the parcel isn't back.

Woman Behind Counter: yes; the postman was probably on holiday yesterday and probably stored the parcel.

Me: Stored it where?

WBC: Well; if they are on holiday they stored the parcels.

Me: What they take them home with them?

WBC: No! their not allowed to do that! They stored them. It won't be back until Monday. NEXT!!!!!

So I don't have my
Hunka to play with.


  1. he he -darren and me have got our sticky mitts on them already. and very good they look too/1

  2. I always thought interfering with mail delivery was a criminal offence. I wonder if anyone's ever brought that charge against the Royal Mail?