Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Ultimate Outdoors with Julia Bradbury & Nick Crane

My recent post only seem to be about T.V; I must try to get out more!

Wainwight bagger Julia Bradbury has another new show starting On Friday 17th August at 9.00pm on BBC1.

Ultimate rock climb sees Julia Bradbury tackle three of the U.K's toughest summits.

The three climbs are < Commando Ridge in Cornwall, Crackstone Rib in Snowdonia and the Old Man of Stoer in Scotland.> >

So not to spoil the show; I`ve blanked out the names of the climbs but if you wish to see them just drag across between the <->

Also next week Nick Crane starts an eight part series entitled Great British Journeys. This one starts on the 14th August on BBC2 at 8.00pm

In the first episode Nick following scientist Thomas Pennant's 1772 route through the Herbrides.

In the other episodes Nick follows in the footsteps of other travellers such as Celia Fiennes, Daniel Defoe, William Cobbett and one of my favourite authors H.V. Morton.

For us walkers who can't get out on to the hills the the next couple of months are looking quite good on the television.


  1. Cheers George!

    A great help - who need the radio Times if we have you?

  2. There's also the Cairngorm climb coming up on tv too.

  3. If JB is up to her usual standard she'll probably use a washing line as a climbing rope