Sunday, 16 September 2007

New Vidcasts

It look like there will some new vidcasts, hitting the blogosphere in the next few months.

Cameron McNeish was bought himself a digital video camera and looks to be embarking on making vidcasts for his blog and also over on the TGO website.

It be interesting to see what direction these vidcasts will take; will it be an extension to the podcasts, with Cameron walking the hills of Scotland or interviews with other hillwalkers out on the hills.

Unlike podcasts which are normally mp3 format and can be loaded onto any mp3 player. Video can come in a lot of different formats which will player O.K. on a computer but may need converting to play on a portable device.

My mini media player will only play back file that are in the .asf format, so I have to convert most video’s if I want to take them with me and this can be a time consuming process.

I`m looking forward to this new venture in vidcasts.

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  1. Cameron McNeish1:53 pm

    Thanks for the comments. Vidcasting is certainly a whole new ball game but it’s something our masters on TGO are keen to promote - part of the ongoing multi-mediaisation of TGO!
    Any expertise I have with video has always been at the sharp end of the camera so it’s quite an interesting learning curve trying to be at both ends at the same time! In the coming weeks and months, as far as TGO is concerned, we’ll try and do some industry videos, talking to some of the gear people on their new products, as well as developing the whole ultralightweight side of things. Probably easier for people to understand the ultralight concepts if they can see what we’re talking about. On my own website I’ll develop the Wild Scotland podcasts into some form of video and continue with interviews, but on video.
    I’ve just put my first attempt up on my own website at - a little promo for the next issue of TGO. I hope people don’t thing I’m being too blatently commercial!!!
    You’re right about the formats - it’s a nightmare, but hopefuly I’ll get the hang of it all and we’ll settle down with some format that suits most folk.