Sunday, 15 June 2008

2009 TGO challenge

The dates for the 2009 TGO challenge are 8th-22nd May 2009 and because this is the 30th challenge the numbers of entries has been increased to 360 for this year only.

It seems as though they will be adding some new starting points from next year and because of the increase in numbers will be putting a limit of challengers starting at the most popular start points of Oban, Malliag, & Shiel Bridge.

I have though about doing this challenge over the last couple of year especially after listening to Bob's podcasts from 2006 and 2007.

Next year would be a good year for me, as I haven't made any commitments yet to holidays and SWMBO has agreed in principal that I can go if accepted.

I just need to work out a route that would be suitable to me, how much it would cost to do and if I need to replace some of my equipment.

One thing that definitely would need replacing is a sleeping bag, I only have a light Summer bag (+3) and a heavy Winter bag (-10), I think I would need something in between; some where around the -3 mark would probably be good enough for that time of the year.

If I were to do it; I think that I would go for a low-level route although there do seem to be some tricky places crossing Scotland, the route out of Braemar looks to one of these.

I do have a funny feeling that next years event is going to way over-subscribed.


  1. Go for it. The Challenge is a great way to do a coast to coast. Try and take in the summits when you can if you do get on it next year. The best views are up on the tops.

    Have fun

  2. Hi George

    Don't go mad replacing your kit - the winter bag will be fine for what you need (I have been on the Challenge in nights of at least -6degC)

    Absolutely no point in buying new gear - all you need to do is unzip it a bit and you will be fine.

    Far better to lose half a pound of belly rather than spend hundreds of pounds on a new bag to sav the same half a pound! Save your money for the beer and whisky.

    Ideally pick a low level route, but chuck a few tops in when you are over halfway across as by then you will be a bit more fit and the climbs will be less severe (you will be starting from higher up rather than from sea-level.)

    Go for it George. You know you want to. And we all know you will be fine.

    All the best, mate.


  3. George, stick to a simple route, do not be too ambitious. The Mallaig/Inverie start and through Knoydart is fairly straight forward. From what I have heard, Oban involves some serious stretches of road walking. Go for it though. If possible, try to get some miles in over the winter. If you want to join me on a few winter walks, feel free. If there is any way I can help, give me a shout. Oh, and I agree with Alan, do not go mad on kit. Stick with what you know works for you. Dawn

  4. Thanks Dawn.

    I was looking at the Mallaig/Inverie or shiel bridge starts.

    Gotta get in first of course :-)

    Just hope the 'new' restriction don't cause to many problems.