Thursday, 7 August 2008

What on your T.V.?

It seems as us hillwalkers/hikers are get short changed by the BBC.

There has been a few grumbles this past week mainly because the BBC showed The Adventure Show last Sunday only in Scotland; now this isn't unusual as it is a Scottish made programme, about things happening in the outdoors of Scotland.

The reason for these grumblings; is that this particular show has a feature on the TGO Challenge and there are a lot of people outside Scotland that would of liked to have seen it.

The lucky few who have Sky rather that Freeview T.V. had the chance to watch on Ch.990 which is BBC Scotland.

In days gone by we would just have to lump it as there was no way of seeing a show from another region but in todays 'modern age' it should be easy to repeat this show on one of the other BBC channels.

The BBC introduced the iPlayer in the latter part of 2007; to give people the chance to catch programmmes they may of missed in the week.

Unfortunately The Adventure Show doesn't seem to appear on the iPlayer; now whether this is an oversight or the BBC doesn't believe it will get a lot of views is unknown.

Although The Adventure Show is missing; there are some interesting programmes turning up on the iplayer, Off the beaten track is a walking programme produced and filmed in Northern Ireland.

Unfortunately because iPlayer only shows programmes from the last seven days and if you don't know that the show exists the chances are that you will miss most of them, if you don't check regularly. Off the beaten track only had three episodes and final one is still available.

Another 'regional' programme is Weatherman Walking; from BBC Wales. This one seems to have just started its second series. The episode available has the presenter walking in the Brecon Beacons.

I'm not sure how many more 'regional' walking programmes are out there but it would be nice if the BBC could show them on normal T.V. instead of the endless reruns of shows like Eastenders.

If you do find something on the iPlayer remember you only have seven days to catch it.

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  1. British is a word the BBC forgot is in it's name. England is part of Britain yet the BBC wont show all it's programs to us. I hate the BBC with a passion. It is biased and awful in what It does. I pay a Licence fee to fund the rubbish and cant watch all it's programs, how dumb is that.