Sunday, 20 September 2009

Gear Head

There has been some talk on a few of the blogs about gear; and I was feeling left out, so I bought something.

I'm off to Wales on Thusday for a 4-5 day backpacking trip (more on that later) and needed to get some gas for the trip, so a shopping trip to Millets was called for.

Whilst in there; I noticed they had some TNF Hedgehog is stock at £80. For a while I have been looking and thinking about wearing trainers for backpacking, I already have a pair of New balance all-terrain trainers and have been looking at Inov-8's but have been put off trying them out.

With one eye on Scotland next year; I thought it about time to give the New balance ago, and Wales was to be the opportunity but the Hedgehog looked an even better shoe, so I bought them.

Good thing is I also got them cheaper than the £80, I only paid £54. Which is cheaper the the Inov-8's, they are a bit heavier than them, 497g per shoe but that is for a size 12!


  1. Nice shoes :-)
    Will there be live blogging and video from wales?
    Is it a solo trip?
    What gear are you taking?
    I must say I'm a little jealous but I will be at the Backpackers Club Dorset static next weekend so its not all bad.

  2. good choice - I'm on my second pair

    Some bits on my blog on the topic if you search

  3. Good shoes and they have a nice Vibram sole if I recall ? Wales sounds good. Autumn colours in the trees and colder nights. Have a fine walk and I will watch out for any updates.

  4. Anonymous8:41 am

    I too caved in to the overwhelming logic of the argument in favour of trail shoes. This spring I bought some Salomon Speed Comps 321gms each.
    Having spent decades dancing around the hills trying to keep my feet dry these were a liberation - even wore them in the Dolomites which involved a 500ft scree run under the Tre Cima - brilliant. Trail shoes must be the way to go. Grow trailing geraniums in the old clodhoppers.......John Ridd

  5. George a step in the right direction :) These will liberate your feet...

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