Sunday, 24 January 2010

Guess Who's Back?

Hello World

Miss me?

Thought not.

It seems as though there is just over a 100 days or so before the start of the TGO challenge for this year; so I thought, it's time for an update.

The route has been vetted; my vetter did give me a couple of new ideas for camping and a slight change of route which I will probably use.

I'm on the lookout for some new equipment before the challenge and have started acquiring it; The first new bit is a new pair of waterproof trousers.

I usually use a pair of Peter Storm trousers but didn't feel that these would be up to two weeks across Scotland, so have bought a nice pair of Berghaus Paclite
Pants. They only weigh 185 g, pack down really small and are a whole 200g lighter than the Peter Storm's.

These are the most expensive waterproofs I have ever bought but they seem much better than the previous one's I've owned.

They have 3/4 length zips on the legs; so make it much easier to put on over boots, they also so help to vent the legs.


  1. Good choice George. I use the Storms and they are more heavy that the Paclite ones but have the same sort of superb cut, length and function. If I ever replace them I would get the Paclite ones. Real good choice indeed. One thing Berghaus make well is waterproof trousers.

  2. Woohoo! Welcome back =) Hopefully the next update doesn't take you that long!

    So, what are the other items you consider purchasing? The pants are a great start, I'll see them next week when my mates from Germany & Austria arrive, I think half of them sport the Berghaus pants!

  3. Looking forward to hearing more from you, fella.

    Good to hear your route is done over a month early! Word = 'amble'!

  4. Ah ha, the start will come around before you know it! Hope to catch you en route George!

  5. Hi George

    So...whither will you wander...? The legendary Cheese & Wine venues wil be published soon.

  6. I missed you George. Welcome back.
    The Berghaus Paclites are excellent when new (Sue and I used them on the HRP and on previous Challenges), but have a relatively short 'half-life', especially if you are prone to sitting on rocks - they don't have to even look sharp to puncture the fabric! I'm sure you do this already, but just in case...
    ...wrap some gaffer tape around your walking poles to enable quick running repairs to take place. If you do that you are probably sure not to need it yourself, but you will be able to help out someone less fortunate and less well prepared.
    Have fun with the prep.