Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Not a Moan

In the past I have used the blog to vent my anger and frustration at outdoor retailers that can't seem to post items out in a reasonable timescale or one's that take an order and then can't fulfill it.

Well this post isn't one of them. On Sunday night Steven Horner posted on twitter that Wiggle were selling Inov-8 Terrocs at a really good price.

So at 20:10 on Sunday night I ordered a pair; they turned up at 08:00 Tuesday, now that's what I call service.

So a BIG thanks to Steven for posting the tweet and an even BIGGER thanks to Wiggle for the quick delivery.


  1. I had the same quality service, with mine also arriving on Tuesday. I ordered several other items from other suppliers which turned up too, but Wiggles postage was free :-)

  2. Yes- I always use Wiggle for my cycling kit and they have always been super fast on delivery...!!