Thursday, 5 May 2011


I love trying new things; whether it's new equipment or a new piece of tech or playing with the code within the blog to make a scrolling blog list.

I enjoy the thrill of adding new features and seeing them either work or fall flat and then having to work out where I went wrong, and all this for someone who has a very basic knowledge of this kind of sort.

Since getting the Kindle I have wondered how I could get some personally content on to it. First off was to get the Londonbackpacker blog on there; although personally I can't see the point of this, as there are enough apps on the kindle to get the rss feeds through the kindle browser and the 3G network.

After that I turned my attention to getting an ebook/let on to Amazon and the Kindle. The only real piece of writing was the Journal from last year's TGO Challenge.

So this was converted into a .mobi file (this is the format that the Kindle eReader works in) and sent to the Kindle Direct Publishing site and within 24 hours the ebook was on the Amazon site and ready to download.

The ebook has been up for a few weeks and without any mention of it, I have managed to sell a few.

So here the shameless plug, if you click the TGO Challenge box at the top of the blog, it will take you to the page with information on how to obtain the ebook.


  1. Get in there George Don't have a Kindle so wont buy it yet. Good on you.

  2. hey, thats perdy cool! Kindle, me neither...but good for u all the same