Friday, 29 July 2011

We Are All Bourgeois Now

Just a couple of things to report.

First off; I am a bit disappointed in the response to the competition I ran for the free iphone city apps, there wasn't one comment posted for the competition.

So this bring me to the conclusion that no one reading this blog, is interested in this type of app or there isn't as many iphone users as they are making out*

Secondly if you go to the blog and not just pick the feed up in a rss feed, you will have noticed some adverts appearing in the sidebar.

These are there to help support the blog; so if you are ordering an item from Amazon, please use the banner on the right.

And of course clicking and using any of the other banners helps too.

This has been a Public Service Announcement; thank you for your time.

*Yes; that was a joke


  1. Anonymous9:45 am

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who hasn't got an iPhone (I wouldn't downgrade to get one either), the truth is they're nowhere near as ubiquitous as the the US-oriented tech-press assume.

  2. Sorry, no iPhone here either, more of an Android fan. Last time I went to London was long ago, before iThings were invented.

    I'll try to remember to access Amazon via your sidebar ad.

  3. Anonymous10:34 am

    I have an iPhone and I dislike it :( Will be checking out that new maemo nokia N9 when it comes to the shops, big Debian fan here :)

  4. iPhone user here, and loving it (the N9 is awesome, though, was able to play with one!). Didn't compete in the thing cuz it didn't seem to have any support for where I am :/

  5. Android for me as well, sorry!

  6. Ive just joined the the Android crowd, so they were no good to me either. I did say to the company it was strange that they only concentrated on the iphone market.

    Thank BG!

  7. No probs, George.

    By strange chance, I found an interesting pic a short while ago...

  8. Hi there, I keep an eye on your blog and find your writing fascinating. Unfortunately I am not techy minded. Phone wise I am possibly a throw back to the dark ages. My phone is ancient, an old Nokia, despite having had it for several years as yet I have not even fathomed the messaging system doh!!. Come to think of it,I have not even topped it up for around a year or more. Ok, I am numpty! Mind, it you where doing a competition for a nice shiny bit of kit, now I would be tempted. maybe I ought to change my profile to ambling dinosaur?