Monday, 12 September 2011

Update:North Face Resolve Jacket

I've had the jacket for about a month now; and luckily in that time we have had some heavy rain down here in London.

The jacket has performed really well in keeping me dry on a couple of days on my 3 mile walk to work, and the mesh insides have helped to move and keep most sweat away from me when cocooned in side the jacket.

One problem I did mention in the first post was that I find the hood to be to big and cinching it in didn't really help.  I looked at a couple of ways to reduce the hood, one was to attach Velcro to it, but this would mean either having to sew into it and then have possible water entering through the needle holes or to use sticky Velcro but this could end up coming of with to much rain getting on it.

The solution I came up with, was to place a hair tie on the inside to reduce the volume.

This may not look pretty but it does the job of reducing volume and stops the hood flopping over my eyes.

Unlike the first time that I wore the jacket

Overall I'm pretty happy with the way this jacket preforms and will be my go to jacket for the foreseeable future.


  1. It's a solution bu not one I'd live with. I've rejected a number of jackets, despite being considered to be well thought of, for having a hood that doesn't fit properly.

  2. Anonymous8:12 pm

    I bought one yesterday, wore it today and the hood just completely covers my face ! I can't see a thing ! Tightening the draw strings make no difference. I don't understand how these jackets can be bestsellers, as it's totally unusable. Not sure if I can take it back to shop or not - is it a fault or are they just supposed to be like this ?

    1. Anonymous3:47 am

      North Face will be updating this jacket with a volume hood adjuster which is the puller on the back of the hood. This should make it more suitable for those who have experienced problems such as yourselves.

      I've got one of these jackets (in black) and when the need arises to put the hood up (which at all other times is stowed away in the collar) I put it over my baseball cap and this solves the problem immediately. I find them so comfy and roomy (I hate tight clothing in any way, shape or form).

      Even so I may be tempted to get another resolve if the new adjuster works as planned.