Thursday, 3 November 2011

Help for Heroes-Everest Base Camp challenge

Most PR stuff I receive via this blog is usually trying to sell me something or asking to promote some new piece of equipment, without actual seeing the said item.

But today I have a request to promote a walk to Everest Base Camp.

I know copy and paste of PR emails can annoy some but this get the point across much better than I could.

Setting off on 4th November 2011, the Everest Base Camp Expedition will see wounded hero Lance Corporal Jonathon "Frenchie" Le Galloudec, 30, trek 75 miles over 19 days, reaching a height of 17,590 feet. The expedition is considered an enormous challenge for even a fully-abled person. Jon faces the physical and mental challenges of this trek, the first since beginning to walk without the aid of walking sticks, which include undertaking grueling acts of physical exertion while living with the day-to-day reality of constant pain, and difficulties with balance on unforgiving terrain.

In June 2007, Jon sustained a gunshot wound to his spine while serving in Iraq, which has left him partly paralyzed. His best friend was killed while trying to rescue him. Jon was told he would never walk again and his ongoing recovery, supported by Help for Heroes, has astounded doctors.

To keep upto date with the Expedition, there is a website/blog and a facebook page

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