Monday, 5 December 2011

Not my annus horribilis, that's probably next year.

Over the last six months, I have been thinking where is blog has been and where it is going, and whether I should continue with it.

I have always stated that it was primarily for me to write up trip reports and have photographs from these trips available for Peter & Keith to see; up until 2009 I spent eight years backpacking with these guys.

Keith, Peter and me somewhere in the peaks
Gradually others found it and started following or subscribing and slowly it built up a reasonable number over the years.

I wouldn't say I was a prolific blogger with rough 350+ posts over six years and the grammar and spelling at times have been pretty bad, there are reasons for this but I won't go into them.

Not surprisingly the most viewed posts are either trip or gear reviews, but then I guess we're all interested in when people have been or what gear they are using.

The last eighteen months have seen no backpacking trip reports posted; the main reason for this, is that after finishing TGO2010 and going back to work, I found that I had to take a fairly substantial pay cut.  It also seems that public transport has become quite expensive especially travel in the South, the cost of a trip to somewhere like Dorset is almost as much as a trip to Scotland but a trip Scotland means at least a week away which then only adds to the expense.  Even local campsites that use to change a couple of pounds a night are now asking £8-12 even for a backpacking tent.

I had hoped to enter the TGO2012 as a present for my fiftieth or failing that do something similar but neither are now looking possibly; although I didn't apply for the TGO as I knew I wouldn't be able to afford to do it.

The only thing at present keeping the blog alive are the equipment reviews and I'm not sure how much longer they will be appearing.

I did try to get out for a couple of trips in the past year but both times they were scuppered due to illnesses in the family.  So for the first time in near ten years, I haven't managed to spend any time in the outdoors.

I honesty can't see next year being any better and the chances of getting out are going to be even more limiting.

There will be at least one more post before the end of the year but after that who know.

If I do manage to do something, I'm sure it will appear here at some point.


  1. I'll be sorry to see to give up the blog, George. Even if there's not much new stuff, the archives are good for reference.

    Mind you, I'm just a half-ass blogger, what do I know? :-)

  2. It would be a great pity if you gave up on the blog.....Even the occasional day walk would be of interest and I am sure that over time circumstances will change....
    I wish you well George whatever you decide to do.....


  3. I would be sad to see it end. When you can post do so. but dont remove it please.

  4. George, I'm with BG, Trevor & Martin. Life has funny way of dealing stuff out at times, fella. Stick with it, though as things will have to change for the good eventually!
    Besides, I would miss your style. Where else could I find out about zombies and the like?

  5. Here's another good reason to keep it going - it's one of 2011's Top 50 Backpacking Blogs - see

  6. I've only just found your blog and found it very entertaining - keep going!