Sunday 9 May 2010

It's Official...

I have hit PANIC! mode.

Yesterday was spent on shopping trips to get last minute bits and pieces; gas, food, watch.

Yep; I don't own a watch. And although this trip isn't about timekeeping I do need to make sure I'm at certain places to make the right connections. See PANIC!

Yesterday I also realised that for some reason I can't fit everything in the GoLite Pinnacle, O.K. that's not strictly true; everything in the picture below fits into the pack, this is everything I am taking, minus food. But that's the problem, with all that lot in the pack there is no room for my maximum of 4 days worth of food. PANIC!

Now I say all that lot but it isn't that much; honest. The only piece I don't normally carry is the synthetic jacket, but I think I'm going to need this.

I've swapped the GoLite out for my Six Moon Designs pack, which has given me more room, in fact probably enough to get 4 days food in.

The weight is only around 11 kg but it seems as I'm having problem with bulky items.


  1. If it wont fit in a Pinnacle take less kit till it does. What tent are you taking by the way? On the warm jacket. Good move packing it. It is forecast to snow in Scotland tonight.

  2. Bulk indeed! The Pinacle is a supposed 72l pack. I'm sure looking at your pile you could whittle away at some of it; the first aid kit, wash kit and spare clothes in particular look like they could be trimmed.

  3. I agree with Baz about the First Aid Kit and wash kit, could be slimmed down maybe. We are walking almost the same route except for about 3 days. I just packed my new PHD sleeping bag for the first time and had the opposite to you, loads of room in my Golite Jam2.

    I did just have a slight panic when I realised I wasn't going to be able to send a resupply to Tarfside. So only 2 resupplies now but will eat whenever I pass anywhere that sells food :-)

    Look forward to seeing you in Shiel Bridge (Kintail Hotel) if not on the train before...

  4. @Martin it a terrea nova solar.

    @Baz agree the pinnacle is supposed as a 72l pack but my six moon designs is only 65l but all fits in. Go figure. :-)

    @Steven Does your PHD packs down smaller than the alpkit? Think there will be quite a few in the Kintail hotel, see you there :-)

  5. George! What's going on?
    I have just replaced my 48litre Osprey Exos with a 44litre Osprey Talon as I found I had room to spare in the larger sack!

    It's all good fun, eh?