Thursday, 7 June 2012


It seems as though the Outdoorbloggers forum has finally had it day and has expired.

If you weren't a regular or don't even know what it was, it was a forum set up circa 2007 for new bloggers to have a place to ask questions and get feedback on setting up blogs and general chit-chat about the outdoors.

In the early days it did have a big core group of users and was a pretty active site but over the last 18 months/2 years very few people were using it, I guess this was because more people were happier to use places like Facebook and Twitter for their conversations.

Its a shame that it just disappeared; as there was some good stuff on there and may have been worth saving and archiving somewhere.


On a brighter note; I have updated the blogroll, I have removed some of the blogs there don't exist anymore and have added some new one's. The new one's have along side them.

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