Sunday, 28 January 2007

Gadgets & Gizmos II

Next up is a piece of Software.

After seeing AktoMan's mobile blogging from his West Highland Way walk, I though I like to do this when on my walks.

For some reason I could not get the email-to-blogger set-up, the SMS messages would be sent but never arrive at the blog. In the end I gave up as I seemed to be getting nowhere.

In the past week, I`ve started looking again but this time through SMS gateways but after quite a few attempts with different gateways which didn't work or left a lot of advertising on the message, I was finally about to give up completely until I found Mobile Blogger.

Mobile Blogger is a small Java program that is downloaded to your mobile phone and allows you to send messages to your blog (Yay!!!)

I`ve sent a couple of test messages which have appeared, and I also sent the first part of the 'handyseal' post this way.

I`ll contiune to post messages this way and also see how big a message I can post, plus how much it's costing.

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