Saturday, 21 April 2007

Bob's latest podcast is about some of the equipment, he will be taking with him to the Backpackers Club Show and AGM at Bellingham.

There is also an interview with Bill Ballowe the maker of the White Box Stoves.

I was interested to see what this stove was like, so had a look around the 'net and found this review of the White Box Stove by Tinny at

I`ve used an alcohol Pepsi stove before, my friend Keith (who made my G4) made quite a few of these and used them before going over to a brasslite stove..

The White Box Stove looks to be a much stronger stove than the Pepsi stove and a lot more durable.

I`m not sure how much fuel would be needed for a 10-day trip and whether the weight would work out more than a Pocket Rocket and a 250 canister.

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