Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Doctor,Doctor; My foot hurts

I`ve had a terrible last few days. I planned at the weekend to get out a do some more of the London Loop, in an effort to get a bit of fitness for my Dales Way walk in a few weeks. But I woke with a pain in my right foot; along the sole and in the second toe.

I do occasionally get bruised feet but this normally when, I`ve been out backpacking for a long period, all weekend the pain has been there, I`ve been unable to walk properly around the house nevermind 8-10 miles.

I managed to get an appointment with the Doctor tonight and the problem is I have:


I have no idea how I`ve got this neither has the Doc. He has prescribed some drugs (Diclofenac) which he said should clear the problem up, hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

I do hope he is right as my whole holiday is in the balance.


  1. This is spooky!
    I woke up monday morning with a pain in my second toe, at its base (the one next to the big toe) It hurt to actually stand on it. I massaged it deep and thoroughly, at least enough to get it ok to stand on, and by tonight(Tues)it seems to have worn off.

    I put it down to 'trapped nerve' if there is such a thing, but i never considered Arth. So hope with a bit of TLC your problem similarly disspates soon.

  2. George, you only posted this to compete with my "man flu", it's that bit of drama that keeps people coming back ^__^
    Hope you get well intime for the holiday. It really is a bummer when something like this threatens something that you have spent so long looking forward to.
    In the meantime play some GH II, tried Surrender in hard and expert, NO WAY. I have a LONG way to go to get that good. And impressed that is the level you play at