Tuesday, 1 January 2008


Well 2008 is upon us, so Happy new year.

I can't really look back on 2007 as a good year for backpacking; only one trip.

That's the first time in seven years that I haven't been out more.

Part of the problem is living in the South-east of England; small friendly campsite seem to be disappearing at a rate of knots, which makes it difficult to arrange something local (local is anywhere on the South Downs or the South coast), and when you do find somewhere, some are looking to charge a high price for a night's camping.

Going further afield is problematic to; a trip to the Lakes or Scotland for 3 days is just not viable. Doing these kind of trips really has to be at least a week long, 1) to make to enjoyable without all the mad rushing around to get to places, and 2) to make the cost minimal.

I've nothing planned for the coming year but it is early days, so I may find some trips to get out on.


  1. All the best for 2008 Mr. Cummings ….

  2. johnhee5:36 pm

    how about a spring dartmoor trip - I reckon WD would be up for it too maybe?

  3. Dartmoor is one of the few places I`m not that familiar with. Only ever been twice a it RAINED both times.

    Could be interested though :-)

  4. johnhee5:37 pm

    won’t be to surprised if it does it again then

  5. I’ve researched a few places in the Surrey area - indeed a couple of (open all year) YHAs near Dorking have camping availability and I hope to check them out as soon as I shift my recurrent colds!