Friday, 18 January 2008

I`m Free, EEE PC

Well not exactly free but wireless.

I`ve finally gotten around to buying a router and setting the home PC to a wireless connection.

The main reason for this is so I can connect my latest gadget to the internet, and the latest gadget is the Asus EEE PC.

The EEE is small and very portable; it's about the size of an A4 sheet of paper, weighs about a kilo, has wifi and looks great. It even has a 0.3 mp webcam built-in.

I'm typing this blog entry on it and the keyboard is big enough even for my large fingers.

The OS is linux but it can run windows XP, I'll have to look into the ways to run that but at present the linux OS works fine.

There's no HD but a 4GB solid-state flash storage 'disk', there are 3 USB ports and VGA port and a combined SD/MMC card slot, so memory cards from a digital camera can be accessed.

A big step up from my old psion Revo.


  1. PhilW5:41 pm

    Join the club! I’ve had an Eee since before Xmas - it’s a great machine (even if it does look like a toy). Am writing this from my Eee using the wifi on the East Coast line on the way to London. I also have a Three broadband modem to use at other times. There are things you need a full sized PC for but this is good for 90% of what I do.

  2. johnhee5:41 pm

    as a psion 5 enthusiast I’d be interested in a review once you;ve got to grips with it, and perhaps a follow up later? Not strictly outdoorsy I know, but I;m always on the look out for a natural successor to the omniuse Psion

  3. Totally with John on this one - I too couldn’t do without my psion 5mx but only the other day was chatting to another Psion fan and friend about how the form factors are roughly the same. I suppose the main difference is the PDA apps, which on the Psion were well ahead of their time and *still* can’t find a PDA to beat it.
    PhilW, love the idea of WiFi using an EEE PC on the train - totally lush!

  4. PhilW5:42 pm

    John & Baz - I have used and loved Psions - the 3A then the Revo (never got a 5). They were very good but got left behind as the rest of technology moved on. So I went to Palm - am now on my 3rd variant but think even this is now starting to become history. The Eee is not pocket sized like Psions or Palms, but easily slips into a bag and doesn’t break your shoulder.

  5. I`m still playing around with mine but so far so good.

    I`ll post something in the next couple of days.