Tuesday, 20 May 2008


4 Brunch Bars (2 Raisin 2 Cranberry & Orange)
2 Quaker Oats (1 Apple & Blueberry 1 Sultanas, raisins, cranberry & Apple)
5 Packs Mini Time-out wafers

1 pack noddles plus black pepper & lime tuna
1 Uncle Ben's egg fried rice plus chicken pieces
1 Beef pasta soup

1 Expedition food Rice pudding & cinnamon
1 Expedition food Custard & mixed berries

8 Nescafe 3 in 1 coffees
8 Tea bags
4 bags of mini hobnobs

2 bags of Mike & Ike

1 big bag of GORP

Total weight 2065g

I think that's pretty good for 4 days food; although I would like a bit less chocolate but I can never really find anything to replace it with.


  1. * delete chocolate;
    * add eccles cakes & garibaldi biscuits

  2. is it my imagination, but it is all snacks!!!! Eat all that and you'll be too big to fit through the Lairig Ghru!

  3. I know; what makes it worse is that I don't really like chocolate :-(

  4. Anonymous10:52 pm

    You don't like chocolate? That's practically blasphemy.

    Although I'll give you a pass if it's milk chocolate. I'm a fan of dark chocolate myself.

    Good luck on the trip and stay safe.