Sunday, 18 May 2008


I'm sitting here; typing this when really I should be getting my equipment sorted out for my trip to Scotland at the end of this week.

I don't know why but sometimes I find it really difficult to motivate myself into doing this kind of stuff (the packing that is!)

Yesterday; I spent most of the day, trying to find food to take on the trip. For an activity that is helpful in reliving stress, it sure does seem to add to the stress levels as well.

Adding to all this is whether I'm making the right equipment choices, do I have the correct maps, will I remember the train tickets and the biggest hurdle; that SWMBO is not really that comfortable about me being away for 5 days.

I have always said that I would stop backpacking when I reached 50; now this is still three and a bit years away but I feel the time to stop may come sooner than that.

I'm starting to think that this trip could well be the last one.


  1. Stop when you are 50???. Or even before?. Some of the best backpacking years could be ahead!.
    When I retired early at 50 I really got going with the backpacks!.

  2. George we need to have a serious talk about motivation here
    JH (49) and just getting going for real!

  3. What!!! I chatted to you by the Expedition Foods stand at the BPC AGM. You, Geoff and so many of the other bloggers are an inspiration to me to move away from one day walks - and I'm a mere 51. So, think again please.

  4. 50! Is that all - you should see most of the Challengers - they're at least half that again and are far far fitter than me.

    As the old saying goes: "you're only as old as the woman you feel".

  5. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Stopping at 50? Barring some real health issue (and you'd be surprised at what gets up trails these days), why? I'm there, getting ready for a relatively mountainous two week trip this summer, and have zero plans to stop. It does take much more consistent effort to stay in shape than it used to but is well worth it. We tend to joke about "vitamin i" (ibuprofen) and "sissy sticks" (trek poles), but other than maybe taking ultra-light a bit more seriously there isn't that much difference between 30,40 & 50. (I can still keep up with the teenagers in my son's scout troop)

  6. Anonymous7:07 pm

    George I agree with everything that is being said. I can see us having a long disscussion on the train to Scotland. See you Thursday. Keith

  7. Bloody 'Ell George!

    I am 52 and Lord Elpus is 56.

    AAGGGHHH! We are done for!

    On Lord E's first TGO Challenge back in 1999 we were regularly passed by Jack Griffiths - who at the time was 90 years old!

    Think again!