Friday, 12 December 2008

How to S**t in the Woods

There has been some discussion over the past week or so about outdoor bloggers using video on their blogs.

Personally I'm happier using video than the written word. For me writing is a chore; it can take me quite a while to compose a piece for the blog, sometimes so long that I end up not posting it because it has taken so long; I have moved on to a different subject.

Another reason is that I have to have the spelling checked and this means more time lost. In fact this post has been days in the making.

I have always like playing around with film is some manner, be it old super 8 cinefilm to early VHS/Beatmax tape to the latest Mp4 cameras.

So for me video is an easier way of adding content to the blog, it's still the same old stuff, just presented in a different way.

Over the next year I expect to see a lot more video content appearing on the various blogs; how many will stay with it is unknown, some may find that the time and effort in editing and uploading to YouTube is more time consuming than writing a post, some with embracing it and help to move the genre on.

It looks like in the coming months; video Vs the word, with become the new tents Vs tarps.

I'm quite looking forward to the new batch of vloggers

One way that I believe video can beat the written word is when to comes to demonstrating either an idea, item or a technique.

The video below shows how to deal with a subject that a lot of people would shy away from, the video shows the humourous side of s**tting in the woods.

Although the written word could describe the techniques I don't think to could bring the homour.

Video 1 Written 0



  1. Thank you for sharing that informative video, and your thoughts.

    At the end of the day, we are all learning and using new technologies. With new media comes new responsibilities.

  2. 'ang on - doesn't this relate to a relatively popular book('How to Sh*t in the Woods' I think)that sold well because of the humour that the words brought out?

  3. Only the title's are relative; 'how to s**t in the woods' is quite a common saying along with others such as 'do bears s**t in the woods?'

    It is awhile since I read 'How to s**t in the woods' and I do remember a few antidotes about people's experiences but overall I found to to be a bit sterile.

    YMMV :-)

  4. Stop talking sh*t

  5. Its amazing how techniques vary! Um, I don't think I'll be making a video of my own any time soon though! ;-)