Monday, 2 February 2009


So there has been warnings over the last few days that we were in for a lot of snow, and as using the local government decided to ignore them.

So this morning we awake to news that there are no bus, or trains running because conditions are to bad; that main reason they are bad is because no one bothered to get out and grit the roads.

I don't live far from work so I decided to walk the 40 minutes to get there. There wasn't as many cars on the road as usual but the one's that were out, were slippping and sliding along the main roads.

What's really peed me off is that I spent 40 minutes walking, an hour waiting around and then another 40 minutes walking home, as no one else from work had turned in.

So yet again we get snow; and the Country grinds to a crunching halt.

No work today


  1. Anonymous1:37 pm

    Look at it as a bit of training ;o)

  2. I didn't mind the walk to was quite nice. It was the fact that no one was there and no way to find out whether anyone was going to turn in.

    Still don't know what is happening :-(.

  3. "Still don't know what is happening :-(."

    My whole life's like that.