Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Outdoor Bloggers

Three new outdoor bloggers have been added to the walking blog roll.

These are:-

Fatdog Walks
Stayin' Alive

So why not pop along and have a read of these three new bloggers.


  1. Good blogs and I have enjoyed a read already on some. How about this one as well. Might know it already. Add the above and you'll have plenty to read.


  2. Thanks for that, Martin

    There is so many of us now, it's hard to keep up :-)

  3. Anonymous8:51 pm

    Thanks for the build up :lol: and the spot on the blogroll! Greatly appreciated.

    Just been nipping through your blog and noticed your trip report for the Cairngorms. Blue sky and sunshine...was like that today as well..a great place to walk!

  4. Is there a program (or iPhone app) to randomly generate names for outdoor blogs these days???

    Some cracking stuff out there.

  5. @ FDW

    Hoping to get back up there in May; if I can sort out trains.


    Aye; I remember back in our day, when we only use the name of our tent or where we came from.

    These techno savvy whippersnappers eh ;-)