Sunday, 8 March 2009

I finally go for a walk

Yesterday I finally put the effort in to going for a walk. Although being a bit of a lazy g*t, I didn't actually start out until 12 noon.

I decided to do part of the Saxon Shore Way, which starts at Gravesend; the main reason for this was because of the two forts that are on this piece of the Thames.

I also wanted to try out my new HD camera; the Kodak Zi6. The camera look to video pretty well, but there was a lot of wind along the Thames and the microphone seems to pick a lot of it up. I'll need to look into some way of stopping this happening.

The Two forts along here are Shornemead fort and Cliffe fort.

In the video I mention the Hans Egede and the Brennan Torpedo.

The naughty nuns and nightingales is a circular walk arranged by the RSPB and is in connection with this:-

As well as taking in some traditional sites where nightingales sing in Spring, the walk also passes through the tiny village of Higham. 500 years ago it was rocked by a scandal when the local vicar lead several nuns astray, leading to the closure of the convent at the nearby hamlet of Church Street.

Part One

Part Two

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  1. Good to see you got out. Nice to see another part of the country.