Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Bits & Pieces

The fur on the camera worked reasonably well to cut out the wind in the microphone but I do need to find a way to attach it better than at present.


I was really impressed with the Caldera Cone; not knowing how much fuel I would need or use, I took 400ml (I know overkill for two days!) and ended up using about 100ml for the two days.

Most of the cooking was just boiling up cups of water for either coffee, tea or cooking Freezer bag style.

Boiling water for coffee, tea used about 10-12ml of meths and to boil 300ml took about 15ml.

This is a great stove for solo cooking and when food doesn't need to be simmered; although that's what a pot cozy is for.


Before going on the last trip; I couldn't decide whether to wear boots or trainers, in the end I went with the boots which are a pair of Hi-Tec Peak II eVent, I'm glad I did as the lanes on the Sunday coming back were full of deep puddles and sticky claggy clay.

I'm working on a review of the boots, to post soon.


Back to the camera. For some reason and I don't know why but the lens on the Zi6 seems to be narrower than on my previous camera and although filming in widescreen doesn't give a very wide angle view.

To get round this I bought a little 0.67x lens to fit on the camera. This attaches via magnets; one goes on the camera and one built into the actual lens.

These are designed for the iphone but work just as well on the Zi6.

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