Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Ticket to Ride

My train tickets for my trip in May just arrived.

This will be a special backpacking trip, as my eldest will be joining me on it.

Although she has camped before, this will be the first time walking and camping.

We are going down to the Isle of Purbeck, and doing a variation of some of the walking I have done there in the past.

I have the route already planned but will adjust it according to how she feels day-to-day. At the moment it is working out at 8,12,8 miles.

She has done 8 mile walks in the past but that is without carrying a pack.

Hopefully she will enjoy the trip.


  1. Want to e-mail the dates for a pint along the way?

  2. Have a good time, should be a special memory for you both in years to come.

  3. Hope you both have a good time

  4. Worthing Wanderer11:37 am

    I love the Isle of Purbeck! I'm looking forward to when my daughters are old enough to do this. Have a great time and I hope the weather is fab!