Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Rainy day project

This project has been about on the internet for a few months; but I haven't able to get hold of the main component.

On Sunday I noticed that the main component was back in stock at Ultralight Outdoor Gear, so I ordered it and it arrived this morning. So great service from U.O.G.

The component is a MSR Blizzard tent stake, yes; you can see where this is going.

I made myself a Colin Ibbotson Peg Trowel

For a few years I have had a pretty heavy steel? trowel; it was the one advertised in the TGO, and weighed in at a hefty 156g including carry case.

My CIPT weighs in at 37 g or 40g with the added spike protector, this was added as I am worried that the spike may go through the side or pocket of my pack.

CIPT with protector and old trowel in case

Colin recommends using grosgrain ribbon for the handle but as I didn't have any; I went with the old standby of silver duct tape.

CIPT and old Trowel

I've had a quick try out of the CIPT in the garden and although it doesn't dig out as much as the other trowel; it certainly works and has a weight saving of well over 100g.


  1. I made one, too, Martin (thanks, Colin!). Mine is also a duct-tape deal, and it works very well, but it has no lanyard and is much more wrinkled and uglier...like me.

  2. I still need to make one of these. A project for one of the weekends where I can't go hiking =)