Friday, 28 August 2009

Waymarking the Hills

Just picked up on an article over on grough entitled Waymarking would be 'dumbing down the mountain', this is an ongoing debate as to whether Scotland's mountains should be waymarking as is done in Europe.

The debate was started by a journalist named Iain MacWhirter; who published article in The Herald newspaper back in July.

In the latest article of grough; they mention an interview with Iain Macwhirter and David Gibson, chief officer of the Mountaineering Council of Scotland on BBC Radio Scotland's Morning Extra show. This particular show went out on Wednesday 26/08/09 and luckily this can be picked up on the BBC iPlayer.

The actual interview starts at roughly 31.30 minutes into the programme, and does get a bit heated.

The show is available for more 5 days on the iPlayer.

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  1. Thanks for highlighting this! Funnily enough I was having coffee with a friend who said "they" were planning something similar over here. I wonder when they are going to install handrails and that soft stuff that is used in kiddies' playgrounds?