Saturday, 12 June 2010


I just like to say a big thanks to all the people who have commented on the video's; here and on Twitter.

I'm glad people enjoyed them and hope it gave the flavour of my TGO crossing.

After the disasters with both the stills camera and the phone; this was the best way to capture the crossing and my thoughts at the time.

I also found is to be a much easier medium to work with than writing up the trip each night; although editing the clips together was harder work than writing :-).


  1. Thanks to you George for making the vids.

  2. Anonymous11:13 am

    Great fun George. A different perspective on the Challenge. I know it takes a lot of effort, so well done!

  3. Thanks for doing the videos. I enjoyed watching them. I may never do the TGOC but there were a few places I knew personally and interesting to hear how you got on.

  4. Steve9:36 am

    Hi George,

    Just a quick thank you for an excellent video diary of the TGOC. Great to watch!

    BTW, what type of tent did you use?

    Thanks - Steve

  5. Hi Steve thanks for the comment :-) The Tent is a Terra Nova Solar.