Monday, 24 March 2008

Double the Fun!

Podcast Bob has released two new podcasts this Monday.

The first one is the normal Podzine show for 24-03-08

"A real smorgasbord of a show for you this week! Get trendy with a Slackline (and win one too!), find out about being a jolly swagman, consider the benefits of joining the Open Canoe Association, understand more about wildlife, trapping and pest control and find true outdoor romance!! Enjoy!!"

Podzine 24/3/08

Download MP3 File

The second one is an Outdoors Show Special-Bloggers!

"The first of our series of compilation interviews recorded at The OS Outdoors Show 2008. Andy Howell meets the 'outdoor bloggers' at their second annual gathering. Where else but on Saturday lunchtime, in the bar, with a drink in hand!"

Show 08- Bloggers!

Download MP3 File

As usual the all the podcasts can be downloaded via iTunes or your favourite podcatcher, or at The Outdoors Station website.


  1. You needing a hand translating my accent ;-)

  2. You sound alright to me.

    I sounded like a rambling idiot :-(

  3. Just up to Martin & Sue at the moment. So much for an early night :)