Wednesday, 19 March 2008

OS outdoor purchase

So what did I buy at the OS outdoor show.

Well; I looked at the PacerPoles, and some of the books on the Cicerone stand, I couldn't justify the cost of the PacerPoles and there wasn't any books that really grabbed my attention this year.

Last year I bought a solar charger to use when on backpacking, which I used with some success last May. The battery pack charged up most of the time even in bad light; although took a lot longer to get the full charge which should take about 8 hours.

One of the problems though was that it's not water/weather proof so using in the rain meant having to put in a plastic bag and then in a side mesh pocket.

But now the freeloader people had come out with the SuperCharger, which charges the freeloader 2x faster so should give a full charge in only 4 hours (in good light).

The SuperCharger weights 200g and comes in a nice lime green weather resistant pouch, which has two crocodile like clips at one end and a longish Velcro strap at the other. This allow you to strap the solar panel to all kinds of luggage especially backpacks. It also means that the battery pack doesn't need to be on the outside anymore, as can be used even when raining.

So this is the only piece of equipment bought at the Outdoors Show but hopefully I'll get plenty of use out of it.

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